Tis the season Starbucks anyone?

It’s not Halloween anymore and we all know what that means. The holidays are in full effect with the Thanksgiving turkey, the countdown to Christmas movies, and most importantly the famous Starbucks cup that holds your coffee novelty inside. Every year Starbucks seems to get slammed with some type of bad reputation for their holiday cup and how it has a negative effect on some people or cultures.

Last years reputation:

Starbucks released their holiday cups last year on November 1st and the controversy started days after it was released. Within 5 days the red cup had become one of the top stories in the country and had been shared by more than 500,000 people. The controversy last year was that the cup was all red and had no snowflakes, stars, or snowmen and was considered to have nothing to do with Christmas. Instead it became a huge theory for Starbucks customers that the all red cup related to the christian belief that their was a war on Christmas and how the red related to Jesus’s blood.


This years reputation:

It is campaign season and tension is high with less than two weeks before the Presidential election. Starbucks has just announced their new campaign which is their “Green Cup” that is meant to symbolize unity with the election coming up. Even though Starbucks still has not announced if this will be their 2016 Holiday cup it has customers worried and confused. Originally the cup was designed to resemble hundreds of different diverse people embracing one continuous line, but yet again has people feeling offended by the green color.Will people ever be happy with the Holiday Starbucks cup?  What will your thoughts be on Starbucks new holiday cup this season?






6 thoughts on “Tis the season Starbucks anyone?

  1. I was at Starbucks today and was very surprised when I received this green cup. I like the idea of the whole “unity” artwork, but I hope that a new cup comes out for the holiday season because this design doesn’t seem very “holiday” to me.


  2. This seems absurd! People get offended over anything in today’s age. I am shocked to see that people thought the color red represented Jesus’ blood. Also the green cup seems to be like a good idea to stay neutral this election season. Could it represent support for the Green party? Great post!


  3. Unbelievable.
    It’s a cup. It holds coffee. You drink the coffee. If you have an issue with the picture on the cup, take the top off and pour it over your head. Proceed then to a different coffee shop, preferably one that better meshes with your fragility, and re-purchase your beverage. If they ask what name to write on the side, give them “Annoying.”
    People are ridiculous. Good post though.


  4. This is crazy. I can’t believe the hype over a cup of coffee! People these day tend to blow small issues way out of proportion, resulting in them making news. Great post, love the visuals that go along with the story line!


  5. I think it’s ridiculous how people always make such a big deal about the coffee cups from Starbucks. It’s just a cup and you’re only there to get a drink not to get the cup. I think it’s good for Starbucks to do this because there are good intentions behind it and it also gives them a lot of press when people are reacting to it either positively or negatively.


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