How to get a refund from the Google Play Store

This is a really great article about how to get a refund from the Google Play Store. if you were student like me and every penny makes a difference if you accidentally make a payment on something you like to be assured that somehow you could get refunded that money. If you happen to buy an app for a game which was the not the one that you were looking for you can easily ask for a refund on Google Play within two hours in order to get your money back.
If you made a wrong in-app purchase you must submit a form request through Google. if make sure you’re signed into the groove your Google account and then visit the link and fill out the form who need your order number. it can take up to 48 hours for you to get your refund. it’s a good idea to be playing explain your reasons and feel about why discontinuing or why the order may have been wrong.

Terror on Social Media

Mark-Zuckerberg-facebook-spam-filterMost of you have already heard about the tragedy that happened recently on Facebook. I’m talking about the man who went on Facebook live and murdered an old man walking down the street. This itself is a heinous act, but posting it on social media for anyone to see makes this tremendously wrong. Anyone who saw that video can protest to how disturbing the video is and Facebook has caught some back lash from it.

An article in the New York Times called “Facebook Struggles with being Responsible”, by Jim Kerstetter, talks about the incident and highlights what is being done to prevent future incidents.

Kerstetter does not call for the head of Zuckerberg, but he voices his opinion on why this is wrong. He says the social media industry uses a different language. For example, customers are “users” and videos are “content”.

With that being said, Kerstetter states “word choices meant to cause the least offense fail to prevent the visceral reaction that occurs after someone posts a video of a killing to Facebook. This is not content. That is a snuff film.”

This problem, of posting violence or pornography, is not new to social media sites. Youtube and Twitter have had problems in the past when it comes to blocking this kind of content. And there could be some serious consequences. Kerstetter points out that Youtube had lost advertisers in the past because they could not stop their ads from popping up next to this disturbing material.

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Twitter took an L in 2016

My Multimedia Writing course has constantly highlighted the sides of Twitter that millenniums have never seen before. My professor would talk about how Twitter is used to connect ideas and promote your professional platform. I would look confused and say to myself “You mean that app I get all my fire memes from?” But in my blindness, I did not see this fact. The fact is that Twitter is the driving force that allows businesses, and politicians, to build themselves. An article titled “How to make Twitter profitable” by Bruce Judson, an expert in business strategy, talks about Twitter’s recent financial loses because of its structure with big business.

Just like any other social media site, Twitter is free to use. This allows big businesses, such as Coca-Cola, to create accounts free of charge. Coca-Cola now has 3.4 million followers on Twitter. This means Coca-Cola can advertise directly to 3.4 million people, who enjoy coke, with no charge. Scenarios like this are causing a lack a profitability for Twitter. Judson stated the Twitter’s share price fell to 23 cents a share, which equates to a $167 million loss, in the final quarter of the 2016 year. You can learn more about this subject, and Judson’s simple solution, in the link bellow.

Facebook combats a new form of ‘Fake News’


The Facebook logo is displayed on their website in an illustration photo taken in Bordeaux

I’m sure by now everyone is sick of hearing about ‘Fake News’ but it is important to be aware of government manipulation to change public opinion. It is reported that there have been efforts by entire nations such as France, and organizations to “spread misleading information and falsehoods for geopolitical goals.”

What makes this different than Fake News is that government officials or paid professionals are using fake profiles to either gather information about users and using it against them or increasing tensions between supporters.

This new phenomenon is called, “false amplification”. False amplification provides these “fake accounts” to use “techniques they have discovered to include coordinated “likes” to boost the prominence of key postings, the creation of groups that camouflage propaganda by including legitimate items, and the spread of inflammatory and racist material.” Facebook had to suspend 30,000 accounts in France last week during their first round of presidential elections.

My advice would be to only friend people on Facebook that you actually know exist. Facebook can tell the fake accounts from the real ones by inauthenticity and other behavioral patterns. Mark Zuckerberg has been on the record saying that he doesn’t believe that fake stories on Facebook could have influences the US presidential election this past year. He could have been paid to say that. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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Google Brings “Hamilton” to the Classroom


Orpheum Theatre

Starting at 300 dollars and reaching the thousands, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’ is a pricey ticket. Google’s more public-spirited company gave 5,000 high school students across the country a great opportunity to see Hamilton: An American Musical. This is all thanks to an $800,000 grant from Google in collaboration with Gilder- Lehrman Institute.

Of course Google wants to help children but the real reason why they are doing this is to make some money. “Google is hoping that its virtual reality Expeditions program can cause students to more easily identify with historical events by taking on different viewpoints.”

What I gather from this article is that Google paid for some student to go on a trip to see Hamilton and see how they learn before they launch their new virtual reality platform for learning. It seems like it will be great for bringing great experiences like seeing ‘Hamilton’ to the classroom. Bringing a virtual museum or special event to a school without having to take them on a field trip could be very beneficial and cost effective if that’s what Google and schools plan on doing.

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Google brings ‘Hamilton’ experiences to students in the theater and virtual reality

Spotify Implements Student Discount Worldwide

Who doesn’t love music? People especially like to have music available to them whenever they want. This is just one of the many reasons why Spotify has been so popular, specifically among students. Spotify started taking this seriously when it announced that it would give students everywhere a half-priced discounted subscription.

I believe this will cause Spotify a lot of success. Not all music apps give discounts to students; some do not give any discounts at all. Spotify gave students a huge incentive to join their app and this is attracting many more student users. The service is now even more appealing than before.

Students will have to verify their active enrollment in a university in order to take advantage of this deal. Sarah Perez claims “Spotify’s student discount is available in a total of 36 countries worldwide, which the company notes makes it the biggest music streaming student offer in the world by geographical reach”. The new countries where this discount is available are Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey. Apple Music is starting to catch up to Spotify, growing to nearly twenty million subscribers as of December, and with Pandora Premium about to enter the market, competition is at an all-time high. However, Spotify did not go wrong with this great discount plan.

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iPhone 8 Launch Date and Details

With the much anticipated iPhone 8 being prepped to hit stores soon, I wanted to give an update on the projected launch date and my thoughts on the upcoming technological marvel. Apple has been forced to push the release date back at least October and possibly November, as they cited supply chain issues as the culprit. With much of their parts manufactured in China, some difficulty with the OLED panels has caused for production to be pushed back and in turn caused the release date to be pushed back as well.

With that being said, the new phone has been reported to have a few new innovations that would really entice users. The first of those is wireless charging which is something that has been very exciting for users since the new headphone adaptor was introduced on the iPhone 7. Wireless charging would allow for users to charge their phone up to 15 feet from the charger which would enable users to be a relative distance away from their charger and still listen to music through their headphones while with the 7 you were unable to do so without a pair of wireless headphones.

Apple also considered the possibility of “The Ultimate Accessory Connector”. This is what they had to say on the topic:

“Apple is also said to be working on another major innovation for the iPhone 8, with an entirely new type of connector set to appear in the iconic smartphone. The Ultimate Accessory Connector delivers an eight-pin connection, smaller and thinner than either USB-C or Lightning ports. The precise specifications and advantages of Ultimate Accessory connection are not known as of yet, but it will be interesting to see whether this indeed features in the iPhone 8, even if we may have to wait a little longer than usual in order to get our hands on this device”.

It looks like Apple is doing some very big things with the newest iPhone and it will be interesting to see how much of what they’ve proposed actually comes to fruition.