Should Children Ban their Parents from Social Media?

_92210927_thinkstockphotos-545375342Whether it’s their child’s first birthday, or just a random walk in the park-parents all over the world love to promote their children on social media sites. Little kids don’t understand that they are getting their picture taken or a video recorded of them playing around. But if they did know what their parents were doing, would they be happy about it?

According to the BBC article, “In the UK, the average parent with a social media account has posted 1,498 photos of their child online by their fifth birthday, according to a survey by domain name company, Nominet.”

Some of the first kids to be posted on social media by their parents are now old enough to preach their feelings. Some of them don’t mind their baby pictures being online, whereas others have directly asked their parents to take them down years later.

A specific woman, named Dana Hurley, is now twenty years old and lives in London. At the time of being a kid, she was excited about her pictures being posted by her parents online. However, now she has “de-tagged” herself from numerous childhood photos, meaning she took away the ability to see them on her own personal account. She says, “At the time it was exciting…I liked attention. Now it’s kind of weird because you look back and think, this was for everyone to see.”

Another woman, named Lucy, has asked her father to de-tag her from stuff “that doesn’t necessarily represent who I am now.”

Depending on their personal preference, people around the world either mind their photos being posted by parents on social media, or don’t care either way. Today, people will take a stand against it if they aren’t okay with their faces being shown in pictures they didn’t upload themselves.


4 thoughts on “Should Children Ban their Parents from Social Media?

  1. Although my parents do not use social media, I can see where people come from getting upset about their parents posting tons of young photos of people. It’s putting pictures you probably do not want on the Internet for everyone to see without your choice because you are too young to choose. I won’t post 1,000s of pictures of my kids on social media because it is too much. A few pictures here and there is okay, but 1,498 is too much.


  2. I love this article and how it is so true. I will constantly see my mom trying to go on my Instagram and see what is going on and my dad liking my pictures on Facebook. I think that there is a difference from what your parents see on social media and what your friends can see. On the flip side, I think that many people can see what you post and should be appropriate for everyone and if your parents cannot see it then why should anyone else?


  3. I don’t think having baby pictures of yourself is a big deal, but if someone is uncomfortable the parents should respect their decision and take those photos down. When a child is first born, parents are usually just excited to show them off to the world. The don’t think about what the child will think years later.


  4. Some individuals may find this embarrassing, which is a big issue with social media. One a picture is out there, it’s out there for good and there is no turning back. Parents have to be just as cautious as kids when posting online!


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