Facebook Expands to Help Journalists

Facebook is currently in the process of creating a new website designed to help journalists learn the most efficient way to use Facebook and ways to reach a larger audience. The website covers many topics, such as training in 360-degree video, instant articles, and how to use Facebook live. It also covers more basic topics, like how to get verified, the difference between pages and profiles, and the correct privacy settings for your intended use.

The training is separated into three main “pillars”, discover, create, and engage. The discover track teaches you to gather material and monitor live events. The create track teaches you how to take the information you learned and turn that into a story, and the engage track shows the proper way to engage with your audience. These pillars were made intending to reflect how journalists actually utilize social media in newsrooms.

Currently, the site isn’t where Facebook would like it to end up. Despite the soft launch on October 25, there is only about 15 minutes’ worth of material on the site. Facebook plans to expand by adding other languages, and including various webinars on the site. The first webinar will cover Facebook Live, and will be released on November third. This new site, while still under construction, could provide a great resource for new journalists trying to expand their brand on social media.

Date Posted: October 25 2016

Source: Facebook


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