How to get a refund from the Google Play Store

This is a really great article about how to get a refund from the Google Play Store. if you were student like me and every penny makes a difference if you accidentally make a payment on something you like to be assured that somehow you could get refunded that money. If you happen to buy an app for a game which was the not the one that you were looking for you can easily ask for a refund on Google Play within two hours in order to get your money back.
If you made a wrong in-app purchase you must submit a form request through Google. if make sure you’re signed into the groove your Google account and then visit the link and fill out the form who need your order number. it can take up to 48 hours for you to get your refund. it’s a good idea to be playing explain your reasons and feel about why discontinuing or why the order may have been wrong.


Teachers are having to teach young students about fake news.

Everybody knows that children and young adults can be gullible and sometimes easily tricked or bamboozled. With the fact that the youth of today is starting to read their news more and more,  online teachers have risen to the occasion in order to help the students differentiate the difference between the real news and fakeness of other news.  Some of the teachers have found a way for the kids to protect themselves hey 10 question checklist in order to help them identify fake news stories. Some of the simple identifiers of a fake news story include looking to see if the story has all caps in the headline, fishy URLs, and also looking into who has written article and if they distributed it is a ways to promote their own means.

The saving grace seems to be revolving around the fact that the children of today who are attending school seemed to have a lot more of a cynical attitude the generations previously. They’re not afraid to take a little extra time to double check the who, what, where, how, and why, of the article that was printed before them. So for me, the fact that these teachers are taking the time to address this issue to the students in their class makes me glad because as one of the students say in the article, “there’s so much information in the world.”


Check out this story on CNN:


How many is too many?

I used to pride myself by having every single app on my cell. From Reddit to Facebook I downloaded and installed them all. Sometimes these actions would fill up my memory so much that I couldn’t take any pictures or shoot any video without having my phone tell me that I needed to free up more space. This is not an easy thing when you are a technological junky and have two kids that are constantly doing stupid things that you would love to document for future blackmail opportunities if only there was enough memory in your cell. So, eventually, something had to give. What won out for me were the kids of course. They are only little once and as each passing day goes by they seem to grow up overnight.

The apps lost out to me to what was more important to me right now in my life. There is a saying, “When I was a child I acted like a child.” to me this comes full circle. I don’t need a lot of the apps that kept me preoccupied when I was younger. I’m married now so I don’t really need Snapchat, Reddit isn’t really a needful resource that I need to check everyday, and the list goes on and on. Please don’t think that I’m shunning or dissing any of the prementioned apps in any way I’ve personally reached a point in my own life that has deemed them unnecessary. Just a little food for thought.



Going beyond the blog being a multimedia author

This is an article that I found on WordPress regarding the author Phoebe Quinn. The article caught my eye because we have been focusing quite a lot lately on blogging in our class. Phoebe has quite a few interesting thoughts and insights on how we, as students, could choose to self-publish what we write if we are so inclined.
She starts us right out of the gate letting us know that this by no means will be an easy thing to do, a sort of reality check for those who are serious or simply pondering it over. She lets her readers know the importance of finding a way to stand out and be different from all the others. She gleans to us that the two best ways of reflecting yourself in your work is by using YouTube and or podcasts. She points you to the facts that YouTube is pretty much a household name these days and with that venue you can be as creative as you would like to be and the quality aspect is there as well if the person takes the time to set everything up correctly.
The second idea she lays forth is that of a Podcast. Which Phoebe goes onto explain is a different type of beast altogether. It requires a person to set a certain rhythm and tempo while reading the script in order for the listener to not feel the the reader is forced and to actually enjoy the story or stories being told. She thankfully includes many helpful hints to help you to achieve your goal but tell the reader to be aware of the pitfalls as well. I would definitely recommend this article to any student starting to think about venturing out and start this article right here!


Going Beyond the Blog: Being a Multimedia Author



Patagonia asks Utah to put up or shut up

Patagonia has decided to bow out of going to one of its regular outdoor retailer conference because of the fact that the location of where the specific event is slated to be held, Utah, has recently asked the state’s legislature to recede the Bears Ears Park back to normal status so it can be developed instead of protected like it is currently.

Even though Patagonia depends heavily on releasing and showing its new gear to the public simply because their need of cash flow they feel that they would rather take the substantial hit in their pocket-book than support a state that wants to turn parkland into a developing opportunity for oil and natural gas or even housing tracks and big box stores.

I feel that this is an interesting or important development in the world of social media/multimedia because tons of other outdoor retailers are following Patagonia’s lead and quickly bailing out of the conference as well. Parks are places where people go to explore, hike, bike, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and regroup and re-center their souls, whether that be with friends, family, or just themselves. By doing this action Patagonia is hoping to send a message to the state that the land is for the people and not the other way around.

Social Networks Must Face Up to Their Political Impact

In this article Clive Thompson lays out the history of social media and how even during the early years of its development there were people thinking that this particular idea might not be that good of an idea after all.

As people like Marshall McLuhan during the 1960’s had the foresight to look down the line at how this whole social media thing might run out, he saw conflicts with people of the world we live in having, “too much contact with one another.”  This, of course has come to pass and the fearful and angry people are now able to rebuttal to people’s comments anytime, anywhere, at their whim they can leave disheartening and vicious comments that can leave the poster agonizing over what they thought was an innocent post about their commander and chief, boss, or mayor of their own city.

The people who can cause these kinds for hurtful feelings are called trolls and it seems their whole purpose in life is to make the poster feel terrible about themselves because of what they posted.  I hoping by posting this blog that if anyone chooses to post anything just know that there will be people out there who may not agree with what you have to say but just keep what you believe in close to your breasts and don’t let the big dumb trolls get ya down!