How to get a refund from the Google Play Store

This is a really great article about how to get a refund from the Google Play Store. if you were student like me and every penny makes a difference if you accidentally make a payment on something you like to be assured that somehow you could get refunded that money. If you happen to buy an app for a game which was the not the one that you were looking for you can easily ask for a refund on Google Play within two hours in order to get your money back.
If you made a wrong in-app purchase you must submit a form request through Google. if make sure you’re signed into the groove your Google account and then visit the link and fill out the form who need your order number. it can take up to 48 hours for you to get your refund. it’s a good idea to be playing explain your reasons and feel about why discontinuing or why the order may have been wrong.


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