Twitter took an L in 2016

My Multimedia Writing course has constantly highlighted the sides of Twitter that millenniums have never seen before. My professor would talk about how Twitter is used to connect ideas and promote your professional platform. I would look confused and say to myself “You mean that app I get all my fire memes from?” But in my blindness, I did not see this fact. The fact is that Twitter is the driving force that allows businesses, and politicians, to build themselves. An article titled “How to make Twitter profitable” by Bruce Judson, an expert in business strategy, talks about Twitter’s recent financial loses because of its structure with big business.

Just like any other social media site, Twitter is free to use. This allows big businesses, such as Coca-Cola, to create accounts free of charge. Coca-Cola now has 3.4 million followers on Twitter. This means Coca-Cola can advertise directly to 3.4 million people, who enjoy coke, with no charge. Scenarios like this are causing a lack a profitability for Twitter. Judson stated the Twitter’s share price fell to 23 cents a share, which equates to a $167 million loss, in the final quarter of the 2016 year. You can learn more about this subject, and Judson’s simple solution, in the link bellow.


One thought on “Twitter took an L in 2016

  1. I have always wondered how Twitter makes profit. Even though Twitter is very popular, it seems like a poor business model regarding Twitter making money


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