Terror on Social Media

Mark-Zuckerberg-facebook-spam-filterMost of you have already heard about the tragedy that happened recently on Facebook. I’m talking about the man who went on Facebook live and murdered an old man walking down the street. This itself is a heinous act, but posting it on social media for anyone to see makes this tremendously wrong. Anyone who saw that video can protest to how disturbing the video is and Facebook has caught some back lash from it.

An article in the New York Times called “Facebook Struggles with being Responsible”, by Jim Kerstetter, talks about the incident and highlights what is being done to prevent future incidents.

Kerstetter does not call for the head of Zuckerberg, but he voices his opinion on why this is wrong. He says the social media industry uses a different language. For example, customers are “users” and videos are “content”.

With that being said, Kerstetter states “word choices meant to cause the least offense fail to prevent the visceral reaction that occurs after someone posts a video of a killing to Facebook. This is not content. That is a snuff film.”

This problem, of posting violence or pornography, is not new to social media sites. Youtube and Twitter have had problems in the past when it comes to blocking this kind of content. And there could be some serious consequences. Kerstetter points out that Youtube had lost advertisers in the past because they could not stop their ads from popping up next to this disturbing material.

To get in on this discussion check out this article




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