“YouTube TV Goes Live in Google’s Biggest Swipe at Comcast Yet”

I love watching all kinds of YouTubers. I wonder where this YouTube TV will go because YouTube could easily turn into a paid subscription service, like Netflix. I doubt that will ever happen though because no one will want to buy something that was free to begin with.

According to the Wired article, “Google-owned YouTube’s first foray into true cable-like television takes to the internet equivalent of the airwaves in select cities today: 40-plus channels of entertainment, news and sports for $35 per month.”

I personally would not pay $35 for only 40 channels, it seems like a rip off considering that it’s first starting out. The plan for the program is that users will be able to use it on multiple devices so it will be suitable to most millennials, according to the Wired article. Also the article said that the idea of creating “live internet TV” is not an original idea for other companies as well. So YouTube TV might be less successful than what the creators think.

I think that YouTube should not try to copy other companies because it shows unoriginality in the brand image. I even think of YouTube differently than before because of YouTube Red, which is a program on YouTube that users have to buy. It’s basically a TV show for whatever YouTuber who wants to make paid content and they are longer in length.

I understand the need for more money from YouTube because more YouTubers are getting more views, which means more pay from YouTube itself. But with that being said, there is a line that needs to be drawn for its customers. They could easily lose so many viewers because of the charging of content.

YouTube TV Goes Live in Google’s Biggest Swipe at Comcast Yet


2 thoughts on ““YouTube TV Goes Live in Google’s Biggest Swipe at Comcast Yet”

  1. I completely agree with you Olivia. I think it is a rip off to pay anything for YouTube since it has been free all along. Advertising has been YouTube’s major source of money and it works for other companies just as well. There is no need to charge $35 a month.


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