Facebook to tackle fake news with educational campaign

For three days Facebook will be launching an ad the will appear on the top of users news feed that will link you to an article that will  show you how to spot fake news and report it. The help page will have a list of 10 tips for identifying false news stories. The campaign will be used in 14 countries. The campaign will appear in the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Myanmar (Burma), Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, United States, and Canada.

This is a very smart idea for Facebook because fake news articles are a huge problem on people news feed. My own experience I have seen and read a lot of “click bait” articles that are fake. But the fact that they are only having the help page displaying for three days is not enough time. Most people don’t look at Facebook notifications and probably won’t see it. If they want to inform Facebook users and have it easy to for them to find, Facebook should send each users a message with a link to the help page.
For the rest of this article click here http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-39517033


4 thoughts on “Facebook to tackle fake news with educational campaign

  1. This is very interesting. It is definitely becoming more difficult to figure out what is real news and what’s not.


  2. I have to agree this is a very interesting article. I love the fact that Facebook is trying to help its their users by showing them how to point out fake news. With fake news in all sources of media, its important to have people aware of the truth in the information that influences them daily.


  3. I am thankful Facebook is tackling this as so many people get upset over stories that aren’t even true. Unless you are educated on fake news, I feel like it would be impossible to be able to differentiate.


  4. This is really smart of Facebook, and it will be interesting to see how useful this will actually become. I believe many people struggle with differentiating fake news from real news, so I think this could take off as a resource.


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