Teachers are having to teach young students about fake news.

Everybody knows that children and young adults can be gullible and sometimes easily tricked or bamboozled. With the fact that the youth of today is starting to read their news more and more,  online teachers have risen to the occasion in order to help the students differentiate the difference between the real news and fakeness of other news.  Some of the teachers have found a way for the kids to protect themselves hey 10 question checklist in order to help them identify fake news stories. Some of the simple identifiers of a fake news story include looking to see if the story has all caps in the headline, fishy URLs, and also looking into who has written article and if they distributed it is a ways to promote their own means.

The saving grace seems to be revolving around the fact that the children of today who are attending school seemed to have a lot more of a cynical attitude the generations previously. They’re not afraid to take a little extra time to double check the who, what, where, how, and why, of the article that was printed before them. So for me, the fact that these teachers are taking the time to address this issue to the students in their class makes me glad because as one of the students say in the article, “there’s so much information in the world.”


Check out this story on CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/29/health/school-kids-fight-fake-news-trnd/index.html



2 thoughts on “Teachers are having to teach young students about fake news.

  1. I agree with you Tom. This is a really good idea for teachers to help their students know the difference between real and fake news. That student makes a great point. Yes, there is a lot of information presented to people. We need to know what real news is and starting with the kids helps.


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