Smartphone Usage May Be Causing More Road Deaths

Recently, I did a blog about how phone addiction is more prevalent than one might think. The article focused on a study that correlated a lack of mobile connection to increased stress levels.

This post includes an article that is almost an extension of the previous post. Instead of increased stress, we’re dealing with something much more serious: death. An article from BBC Technology suggests that the excessive use of smartphones is causing more people to die on the road.

That doesn’t just mean drivers, even pedestrians are putting themselves at risk by using their phones on the roads.

According to the BBC article, “The US Governors Highway Safety Association estimates that there were 6,000 pedestrian deaths in 2016, the highest number in more than 20 years. In the last six years, fatalities have grown at four times the rate of overall traffic deaths. The report says a number of factors are to blame, including mobile use.”

I think this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. It’s difficult because it would be hard to pass any kind of legislation to prevent this trend; you can’t just make public smartphone usage illegal. All that one can hope for is that people use their better judgment and disconnect when they enter a potentially dangerous situation.

Unfortunately, it is apparent that people can’t even seem to disconnect even when their lives are on the line. I am even guilty of being a “smartphone zombie” at some points (most people can probably relate to that). However, we must overlook this addiction and start to consider our safety and what we can do to prevent trends like this from perpetuating.

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One thought on “Smartphone Usage May Be Causing More Road Deaths

  1. Great article Joe, unfortunately I believe this to be true as well. Everyday on my commute into Fisher I see people using thier phones while driving. I do know that there is a way the police can find out if they were using their phones at the time of the accident so that’s at least something I guess.


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