Is the Galaxy S8 Safe?

After the unfortunate incidents of the Galaxy Note 7 blowing up because they were overheated, Samsung is making sure this problem does not occur again before releasing the Galaxy S8. Samsung believes in selling the best products that cause no harm to their customers. Their main focus as of right now is selling safe and durable products to the world.

Before the Galaxy S8 releases on April 21, Samsung is currently performing a test on their batteries before putting them in their phones. The purposes of each test is to check the battery’s durability and the overall quality of the battery. Samsung is being very carefully before releasing the S8.  They are doubling checking everything and sticking by their word.

I believe this a great idea and very important for Samsung to do these test on their batteries.  The quality of their phone is very important to ensure because it makes their customers happy and safe. I hope that the Galaxy S8 is safe to use because if not there will be an uproar from Samsung customers and eventually Samsung could be sued. If this does happen, Samsung will lose a great amount of money and new phone companies could take over.

If anyone is interested in buying Samsung’s new phone Galaxy S8, then I encourage you to read more about this story:


3 thoughts on “Is the Galaxy S8 Safe?

  1. I feel like it will take a while for Samsung to get their positive reputation back. Their sales and revenue will probably decrease tremendously because the trust from their customers has been compromised.


  2. Maybe this new phone will help get their reputation back faster than expected? I’m sure they will know how to regain their customers loyalty the right way. One of the worst thing to happen is making the same mistake again.


  3. I admire Samsung’s dedication to fixing their problem; it shows that they do really care about their customers and their safety. However, it will take some time for people to trust the brand again, even if a situation like this never happens again. I think Samsung needs to make product quality/safety their first priority, but they also need to be considering how they are going to reestablish their brand’s reputation as well.


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