Amazon Launches Social Media Influencer

Amazon has quietly launched a new social media influencer. Social media influencers are stars who promote items on things such as their social media platforms, and are very popular in YouTube videos. When starts promote items on their social media platforms they typically get paid by the brand. Amazon has decided that they would like to get in on this, which could cause a huge change in the social media world.

This is so interesting to the social media world because of how powerful Amazon is as a company. Amazon pretty much has everything you can think of and even more, since they have been adding a lot of new features. This will change the social media world because if you love a celebrity and they are a social media influencer for Amazon, you will now be able to shop on their own personal Amazon app. This app will be specifically for that celebrity and will allow you to buy items off of Amazon which they are endorsing. Nothing like this exists in the app world right now, and when the testing is done I am sure it will have a huge impact on both social media users and social media influencers.


For more information, click here. 


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