More changes to Twitter ?

Twitter now allows users to be able to reply to a tweet using all 140 characters with this not including any media attachments or “@” replies. This is significant because it basically allows people to add more content to their written replies.

Originally, Twitter’s “@” username counted as one of the characters in a tweet which also included Gifs, media attachments, photos, videos, and polls. The hope is with this change that it will be easier to read longer conversation threads and to not worry about including anyone else’s username when replying to a tweet.  

Twitter is also trying to delete the use of the dot feature but it does not seem it will be changed anytime soon. There is now “Tweets” and “Tweets & Replies” in the application which allows users to go through their original posts tweets and then also look at their own and others’ replies. The hope is with these new changes and improvements, there will be more engagement to this service.

As someone who replies a lot on Twitter, this allows me to use less tweets if I am responding to someone else’s original tweet. Everything then will be much more organized and it will be easier to read people’s reply tweets. I am curious to see how much of a difference this makes when using this new feature but I believe over time it will be very beneficial.

To read more about Twitter’s new change, click the link below:



2 thoughts on “More changes to Twitter ?

  1. This is a great idea by Twitter. Although it seems like a fairly self-explanatory change that has been a long time coming to help Twitter users share information easier


  2. I agree that this idea by Twitter is great. Twitter has also made more changes today, with the empty profile changing from the typical egg to a persons outline. A lot of people have noticed and tweeted about this change.


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