Twitter Shuts Down Vine

Vine is dead! Following its announcement in October to get rid of the app, Twitter has set free from its Vine video service. They previously replaced Vine’s iOS and Android App with a new camera app. Vine’s website is still up and running for the time being.

The new app still allows people to record 6-second looping videos and post them directly to Twitter. However, it lacks any of the additional social features that Vine was once known for. Although Twitter is trying to provide users with components of Vine, it is obviously not the same thing as before. Vine was a totally separate and unique social media app that quickly took off. When its success started to wind down, Twitter took action.

As solely a video-sharing service, Vine seemed to have constraints which sparked “a wave of creativity”. Certain users started becoming “Vine famous” and Twitter had even added a feature that allowed these more popular Viners to make money through their videos. This seems like it would have been a good idea at the time, but it was too late to successfully implement it.

Competition from Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook contributed to the termination of Vine as well. Vine simply could not keep up. Now we are starting to see new things like live video features on Instagram and Facebook.

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One thought on “Twitter Shuts Down Vine

  1. I used Vine a lot a couple years ago and I really enjoyed watching others’ videos. It is a shame it shut down because many celebrities today used this application to start up their careers and get their names out there. At least many of the popular viners are now using Instagram to post their content.


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