Desktop Tinder – The Start of a New Dating Era.

What ever happened to walking up to someone and asking them on a date? Over the past few years, we have chosen convenience over confidence thanks to online dating sites. And with recent years we have discovered dating apps for mobile devices. Tinder, a very popular dating app has just released an announcement. They will now be accessible via desktop and laptop computers.  “Head of Product at Tinder, Brian Norgard, says that Tinder Online is meant to serve users in emerging markets who don’t have enough storage on their phone (the app is 128MB on iOS) or a big enough data plan for Tinder’s image-heavy feed” (Jordan Crook). The page also goes on to describe how the new Tinder may function. Said by Crook, “Fun, new web experience, and your English professor’s worst nightmare.” It is showing that this new site will lead to confusion of work and personal life. The article even goes on to describe how it will be easier to switch between tabs on your computer than hiding your phone. Although it is important that we keep making advancements in communication and social media, we need to take a look at what it will do to human social interaction. We are becoming a mobile society. While it seems to be great with all of the growth, we have had in medical, science, and technology. We are losing our sense of personability. Be sure to read Tinder Online is a new web version of the dating app by Jordan Crook for the full scoop. In the meantime, ask someone out in person for a change.


One thought on “Desktop Tinder – The Start of a New Dating Era.

  1. I think it’s a great move for the company to include desktop users. It may actually be able to have some more of the options than the mobile application. It is preferred to “ask out” people in person but in these modern times, online is an option for busy people.


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