How many is too many?

I used to pride myself by having every single app on my cell. From Reddit to Facebook I downloaded and installed them all. Sometimes these actions would fill up my memory so much that I couldn’t take any pictures or shoot any video without having my phone tell me that I needed to free up more space. This is not an easy thing when you are a technological junky and have two kids that are constantly doing stupid things that you would love to document for future blackmail opportunities if only there was enough memory in your cell. So, eventually, something had to give. What won out for me were the kids of course. They are only little once and as each passing day goes by they seem to grow up overnight.

The apps lost out to me to what was more important to me right now in my life. There is a saying, “When I was a child I acted like a child.” to me this comes full circle. I don’t need a lot of the apps that kept me preoccupied when I was younger. I’m married now so I don’t really need Snapchat, Reddit isn’t really a needful resource that I need to check everyday, and the list goes on and on. Please don’t think that I’m shunning or dissing any of the prementioned apps in any way I’ve personally reached a point in my own life that has deemed them unnecessary. Just a little food for thought.




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