Netflix Adopting Like or Dislike Rating

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Netflix is planning to use a two-way option or a thumbs up or down for audience to rate their TV and movies this April. This effect applies to anyone globally.

Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin  held a press briefing last Thursday, March 16th, that “‘Five stars feels very yesterday now,'” (The Verge)  and that 5 star ratings become a challenge when they pay billions of dollars to get the shows and movies into their program. Image result for thumbs up or down
As a frequent user of Netflix, this is a completely understandable statement.
As a user, I am discouraged in watching anything that is rated below a 4.

Although I know there are some movies that can still be great with rating less than 4 or even a 3, I tend to avoid them anyway.

This rating system is also helpful in encouraging users to rate the titles Netflix offers. It is easy to decide whether I like what I watched or not, this change will make use of that.

As long as users can still review movies and TV as an optional way to get their thoughts out, I believe this change will work fine or even better than I expect.

One other change Netflix plans to bring out is how they match your preference of titles you like to watch. Using an algorithm, Netflix will calculate the percentage that you will like the title, and it is personalized, not based on earlier activities.

Finally, Netflix will use the global database for these statistics, potentially introducing users to different non-local market titles.

I believe that these are useful changes, as it can help them stay in business by allowing exposure for users and giving incentive for more companies to work with Netflix, expanding the titles they have available.

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