Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is currently finding that a lot of users are extremely upset with the changes being made. Of course while some are upset with these changes, there are also users who are for the change. Last week Facebook launched Messenger Day, which is pretty much a clone to the Snapchat app. Messenger Day has similar features to Snapchat, allowing users to add filters and stickers to your pictures.

It is interesting to see how social media sites and applications will completely clone whatever app is currently finding success. Messenger Day will only bring more competition to the social media field, as users will have to decide which app they like better. If users find Facebook’s Messenger Day to overall be better than Snapchat, the younger generation could then switch back to using Facebook. This will only force Snapchat to try and add more distinctive features to their app.

More information can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Facebook Messenger

  1. I think rather than bringing the younger generation back to Facebook, the younger generation will continue to use SnapChat. Facebook will make the people using Facebook upset that it keeps changing. It also makes Facebook look very self conscious and and not very confident in what has made them great all these years. So they just continue to copy everyone else. It’s pathetic.


  2. Facebook is trying to stay relevant but they are falling victim like Myspace, people just find news apps and ignore old ones no matter what they do to try ans stay relevant


  3. Facebook Messenger is very hard to use and can be irritating. Sometimes while I am talking to people, I never know if my messages got sent or delivered. That is why I honestly do not use Messenger at all anymore and only use Facebook to look at other people’s photos.


  4. I find it amazing how social media networks compete with each other to be the top dog. One social media network can’t be the top dog forever. There is always someone trying to dethrone them. In regards to this, I believe Facebook can try everything to dethrone Snapchat but Snapchat has too much popularity for it to lose out against Facebook.


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