Introducing Uptime: YouTube’s own video sharing app

YouTube recently launched Uptime, their own video-sharing platform that allows users to simultaneously share videos with your friends. The youthful, lively-designed app features a live-streaming service similar to Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. The app’s design looks like it is aimed at a younger audience, which is a consistent trend we are now seeing in social media.











Uptime allows users to view and share video in a more social way, and it has a very different feel than just simply watching YouTube videos on their site. It makes sharing and discovering videos much easier, instead of having to post a link to Facebook or Twitter.

YouTube explained that Uptime is not designed for private sharing or messaging, but it does have an in-app messaging system that lets users send and share videos directly to other users without having to post them publicly.

This trend has seen a significant increase recently in social media, and YouTube has responded appropriately. More specifically, YouTube has correctly targeted the right audience to attack; young, tech-savy social media users are thriving on social media and video-sharing sites. By designing Uptime with features and color schemes that appeal to younger audiences, they are capable of capturing the growing number of young technology users.

This is a great move by YouTube because they are addressing a niche- and very populated- audience that is just starting to experience with technology. The most popular social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, may seem intimidating to a young child that is just becoming exposed to technology.

That’s where Uptime is comes into play.

More than 20% of children under age 8 own cell phones today. About 70% of all households with children have a tablet. Children in our society are constantly exposed to the newest technology, and now there is a medium that is child-friendly that is easy to engage in as a young technology user.

Read more about Uptime’s unique features here.







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