Pinterest blocked in China ?

In the last couple of days, a small piece of democracy was just taken away from the Chinese people. Pinterest, one of the very popular social media sites used around the world, was temporarily blocked. It was blocked from Great Fire, which is an organization that monitors the state of China’s internet censorship.

This is not the first time a social media website has been blocked by the Chinese government. Facebook and Twitter, the two most used social media sites in the world, have also been previously blocked from use.

It is very unfortunate that another social media site has been blocked in China. Just like in the United States, social media allows us to see around the world and to express freedom of speech. Obviously, security is very important to any nation, with many hackers and other viruses online that could danger the government or any personal user.

It is still unknown as to why Pinterest was blocked. More information and news regarding this topic will be revealed in the coming weeks. The Chinese government will have their annual ‘Two Sessions’ governing classes in which this problem will be discussed. Hopefully, Pinterest will be allowed for use again in China.


To learn more about this block on Pinterest, please take a look at this article:



3 thoughts on “Pinterest blocked in China ?

  1. This is very interesting because I never knew some social media networks were blocked by the Chinese government. Pinterest doesn’t seem like it can cause any harm on a society so I wonder why it was blocked.


  2. I also read this artice. I think it’s sad that not only did this happen, but it isn’t that big of a shock. China has a long history of censorship (especially in recent years), and social media sites tend to take the brunt of it. As you said, it’s not entirely known as to why China blocked Pinterest, but with countries like China, it’s all about exercising power. By limiting internet access, the Chinese government is in control, which is all that matters to them.


  3. This is interesting to me because I didn’t know that they would have allowed Pinterest in the first place. I always just assumed that all social media sites were blocked in China. It is possible that China blocked Pinterest not only to control their people more but for a Chinese internet company that does the same thing as Pinterest to rise in its place.


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