Facebook TV



Like Google’s YouTube Red and Snapchat’s Discover, Facebook plans to launch it’s own version of original TV type programming. Facebook has been headed in this direction for awhile, adding the video button to their mobile app., seemingly copying Snapchat’s every move. They also plan on adding a mobile app for Facebook TV much like Apple TV.

All it took was the hiring of former MTV’s head of scripted programming Mina Lefevre. She is now head of development for Facebook and shortly after being hired, this idea came to light. It isn’t certain if Facebook TV will include only original programming or if it will be similar to Netflix or Hulu with a mix of both original and from various other sources.

One thing seems to be certain and that is Facebook TV will be right on your timeline. All you have to do is click play and you can watch original Facebook TV shows. I like the idea of having Facebook TV although the online streaming and TV market is already saturated.What I don’t understand is that YouTube Red is $10 a month. Am I going to start having to pay for Facebook? There is already too much going on and they keep changing the site. I’m interested to see how they develop it and what type of programming they produce. It has a chance.


3 thoughts on “Facebook TV

  1. I think it’s a good idea because it will make customers/users pay more attention to Facebook. I feel liek companies do this all the time for more publicity.


  2. Whenever a popular social media network creates one thing other networks have to do the same thing. For example, Snapchat is the parent of the networks when it comes to creating features and others copying the same move. Facebook wants to be so relevant like it used to be a few years ago. This new feature from Facebook is interesting but nothing really new.


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