Phone Addiction Is More Prevalent Than You Think

According to an article by the BBC, studies from a Hungarian university show that being without your phone can increase your stress levels. Not only that, but this increase often comes without minutes of the separation.

Interestingly, this stress can be cured by a phone that isn’t even yours; it literally is just a matter of having a phone in your proximity. The study compares it to how a baby can be comforted with a blanket.

The article talks about how the phone is more than just an object. Phones signify a certain social connection that we believe to be imperative. This is why being away from a phone can be stressful; it’s almost like losing your connection to the “outside world.”

I definitely believe that this phenomenon is true. I know that I feel sort of incomplete without my phone, like something is missing. I’m sure that many people can verify that this sort of behavior is true for them, too.

This article speaks to a larger social trend that we are seeing in the 21st century: a heavy reliance on technology. We have become so immersed in the online world that we can bare to exist without it. For those who think that phone addiction is exaggerated, this should certainly change their paradigm.

I think that the purpose of this article is to demonstrate our reliance on technology, and how we internally respond when it is taken from us.

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5 thoughts on “Phone Addiction Is More Prevalent Than You Think

  1. Today’s generation relies so much on their phone and other devices. I fall victim to this too. Sometimes when I don’t have my phone on I don’t know what to do. My phone is like a security blanket for me.


  2. I lost my phone the other day for about 10 minutes and I panicked much more than I should have. It was definitely an eye opener for how much my phone is a comfort item for me. It’s definitely an interesting topic and it would be a good experiment to see how long I can go without my phone for.


  3. This could start even more separation anxiety for children and teens because they are going to become even more attatched to their electronics.


  4. When you just sit at a park or the mall and watch people, you see how addicted we are to our phones and the addicting it causes


  5. As sad as this sounds, I do not know what I would do without my phone. Sometimes I wish I never bought a smartphone when I was younger and maybe today I would not feel as tempted to use it.


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