Viber (Messaging App) Adds E-Commerce Button

The messaging app Viber has added an e-commerce button which will allow users to buy items based on their chats. Initially the users will not be able to make purchases directly on the app, but that is in their long term plans. This will allow users and companies to advertise to users, however the advertising will be useful. So if you and your friends are messaging about a product, different advertised products will show up under your messages. If you woud like to purchase that product, you can then click on it and get redirected to the website.

I believe that this is an extremely important development in the world of social media as it will change messaging platforms as a whole. By this I mean if Viber’s feature is a hit amongst users, this will then become a new feature on all messaging platforms. I would not be surprised if we soon saw this feature on Facebook messager, as they already have a huge amount of companies who pay them for advertisement. So many people already have their credit card information entered in to their phones for Apple and Android pay, that adding in this shopping extension could be a huge change to the social media world.

For more information on this new feature, click here!


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