Look Ma’ No Hands!

As we have been saying for years, “The future is now.” Well, I believe we have made it to that plane. A writer from techcrunch.com, Devin Coldewey, took a look at the recent study from two universities, Stanford, and the University of Geneva. The study took a look at how the speed by which brain-computer interfaces are advancing. The interesting feature though is the removal of the ever so great mouse. People can now bypass that and use their mind to control a cursor to the needed area on the screen and click.

How Does this Work?

With a simple implant surgery, one can have a small silicone disk, placed in the top of their head. The baby-aspirin-sized disk has electrodes that convert what the brain thinks into computer code that allows the computer to do what you think. Remarkable.

Who does it benefit?

The disk is focused on those that are physically handicapped by paralysis, or other diseases like Lou Gehrig’s. It is aiding people to be able to be able to have more freedom while being confined to their bodies. Professor and co-author Jaimie Henderson stated in a video interview for Stanford that this is the first generation of this technology. He followed that statement with this quote, “But I’m very confident that in the not too distant future we’ll have systems that are deployable and able to provide help for people with paralysis much more efficiently.”

While this technology is very new, it is groundbreaking, to say the least. It is refreshing to see technology be used for the good of humanity and to help those in need of the return to a normal life.

Check out the original article by writer Devin Coldewey, at techcrunch.com


2 thoughts on “Look Ma’ No Hands!

  1. Groundbreaking for sure. Sooner or later the developments will extend to an everyday use as long as there is no serious controversy. This will be like some of Black Mirror’s episode where some kind of implant influence their daily lives significantly.


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