Pinterest makes technological strides!

Pinterest is a app that was developed in 2010. Pinterest allows millions of its users to be able to develop their own pages that suits their own personal style. This is done by placing pins on items and or images of interest. Users are able to look at an endless of amount of images from different t categories such as fashion, tattoos, gaming, home decor, celebrities, books and so much more. Pinterest designed their platform so that all kinds of users can find something that they like. The options are limitless.

Most recently Pinterests’ CEO along with staff members were able to add a new lens tool to help users on Pinterest pinpoint exactly what they like and could buy the items that they have an interest in. Through this new tool Pinterest is able to expand not only its revenue but they are able to expand their capabilities giving their users more options on the app. They are also able to maintain connections with other companies.

To find out more about Pinterest and how they have improved their database check out the article!   And read more about its new features!


One thought on “Pinterest makes technological strides!

  1. This is a very smart new option for pinterest, it is adding another level to the app and helping clothing companies grow by advertising and selling their products


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