Instagram launches new swipeable carousel feature

Instagram continues to create new ways to share and view content. On Wednesday, they introduced their new carousel feature that allows users to share a combination of 10 pictures and videos in a single post. You no longer have to choose from one single picture or video, but instead you can share your special day or night out with one carousel post that can have multiple pictures and videos.


Followers will be able to swipe left or right to see the different posts inside the carousel. This is a special feature that is something that social media has yet to see; the only other comparable thing today is Snapchat’s personal stories. Watch how the unique feature works here.

Instagram is innovating better than arguably anyone in the social media industry. This is another example of how they recognized a pain point among social media users and decided to launch a new feature. It will be interesting to see how people will react to this new component.

Personally, I think that people will enjoy this new feature. We constantly see users post picture collaborations, or “pic stitch” posts, when they want to incorporate more than one picture into a single post. These involve combining multiple pictures of different sizes onto a single canvas, similar to a collage. I think this is a much better alternative than a collage, simply because each picture in the carousel will be easier to see.

Learn more about Instagram’s new launch here:





3 thoughts on “Instagram launches new swipeable carousel feature

  1. This is a very cool feature developed. It seems to be similar to the Snapchat “Mystory” Feature. Are media platforms trying to one up each other or is everyone starting to piggyback off one another? Regardless this was an interesting article, thanks for sharing with us!


  2. I agree that this is a very cool and interesting feature developed. Instagram is keeping up very actively with Snapchat, which makes it hard for me to pick what one is my favorite app.


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