“Old-School Media Is Pulling Way More Viewers Than You Think”

I had 3 spelling errors, a run-on sentence and 3 agreement errors.

A study was conducted at the end of 2016 about what kinds of media are actually being used by the public. The results are surprising considering that millennials mostly use the internet and online media.

It does not specify who the people are that participated in the study. It seems like it was just a study including the general public, not a specific group of people.

Overall, the study found that the printed newspaper, the New York Times, is read by more people than the Huffington Post. The article said, “just the print issue of The New York Times reaches more people every day than the Huffington Post does.”

The graphs in the article reflect what data the study found. For the newspapers or printed media, People (weekly) and Time (weekly) are purchased and read the most by the public. For online news sites, CNN and NYtimes.com (the online New York Times), are also used the most within each public. For TV, most people watch 60 Minutes on CBS and ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.

A few years ago, people thought that print media was going to vanish because of the development of the internet, but they were wrong. Multiple older folk are used to watching regular TV shows and reading printed newspapers. To a millennial, these results do not make sense. And the reasoning that could be behind that is because most of millennials chose to use social media and the internet to find their news out.

The graphs can be viewed more in depth in the article, so go to http://bit.ly/2kWy1TF to view the data from the study.


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