Just another Messaging App for College Students?


Before reading this article I have never heard of the company Yik Yak before. Apparently, they crashed and burned after raising $73.5 million… then laying off most of its employees as users ditched its anonymous message board app,” according to the article on TechCrunch. It looks as if they haven’t given up yet. Yik Yak is back with a new app called Hive. They are answering their previous failure with a new app targeted towards college students.

The app is designed for college students to communicate with each other. Students that have the same classes, majors and interests will be able to talk to each other through chat room “channels” and direct messaging. Hive, is for anyone with an .edu email address with an iOS or Android phone. The only college that Hive is currently available to is South Carolina’s Furman University where the founders Richard Guy and Bruce Buffington met.

This app could be problematic because other apps like Facebook and Google already exist and have similar features. “Hive’s wide range of channels of unfocused communication could feel noisy and unnecessary,” says the TechCrunch article. I have seen successful apps struggle like this in the beginning and become successful in the end, so if they work out the bugs and the potential mishaps then they have some potential. It’s only a matter of time until we see if college students adopt yet another messaging app.

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2 thoughts on “Just another Messaging App for College Students?

  1. When YikYak was popular, I saw some images going around when people were using YikYak as a strange communication for jokes,stories, and other weird stuff college students did when they were bored. It was wild, but this looks like a watered down version since Hive doesn’t have connection to other schools like YikYak did and it is more direct.


  2. It’s weird to see how well their company actually did. Never really saw anything nice on the app. Profiting off hate, seems smart to do, but not very ethical.


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