Pavement lights guide ‘smartphone zombies’


The BBC wrote an article on February 16th in the Technology section. In the Netherlands, pavement lights have been installed a pedestrian cross walk to alert smart phones users when to cross the road. The lights strips change color to match the traffic signals and are brightly designed to catch the smart phone users attention. There are mixed reviews about this new pedestrian light guide. Dutch road safety group VVN stated that, “the idea rewards bad behaviour”. Jose de Jong of VVN, the Dutch Traffic Safety Association also stated his concerns about the new lights. “We don’t want people to use phones when they’re dealing with traffic, even when walking around,” Jose stated. They have started to install these lights close to three schools in Bodegraven on a trial basis. The German city of Augsburg is also testing out these pedestrian lights.
I enjoyed this short article and i liked the short video in the beginning to show what the pedestrian lights look like. The article got both sides of the argument and had many quotes from knowledgeable people. In my opinion, the use of these will just only encourage the use of phones and people will be less aware because of this aid. They might save lives because people might not be paying attention but we need to get people off their phones and be alert and not build devices to help with their addiction. To check out this article click on this link.


One thought on “Pavement lights guide ‘smartphone zombies’

  1. On one hand, I agree that this innovation rewards bad behavior. People, especially adults, should know better than to cross a street or walk through a public, crowded area while distracted on their phones. However, whether we like it or not, numerous people conform to this bad habit everyday, so an accommodation does need to be made. At the end of the day, I’m glad that officials are making the public’s safety the top priority.


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