Going beyond the blog being a multimedia author

This is an article that I found on WordPress regarding the author Phoebe Quinn. The article caught my eye because we have been focusing quite a lot lately on blogging in our class. Phoebe has quite a few interesting thoughts and insights on how we, as students, could choose to self-publish what we write if we are so inclined.
She starts us right out of the gate letting us know that this by no means will be an easy thing to do, a sort of reality check for those who are serious or simply pondering it over. She lets her readers know the importance of finding a way to stand out and be different from all the others. She gleans to us that the two best ways of reflecting yourself in your work is by using YouTube and or podcasts. She points you to the facts that YouTube is pretty much a household name these days and with that venue you can be as creative as you would like to be and the quality aspect is there as well if the person takes the time to set everything up correctly.
The second idea she lays forth is that of a Podcast. Which Phoebe goes onto explain is a different type of beast altogether. It requires a person to set a certain rhythm and tempo while reading the script in order for the listener to not feel the the reader is forced and to actually enjoy the story or stories being told. She thankfully includes many helpful hints to help you to achieve your goal but tell the reader to be aware of the pitfalls as well. I would definitely recommend this article to any student starting to think about venturing out and start this article right here!


Going Beyond the Blog: Being a Multimedia Author




One thought on “Going beyond the blog being a multimedia author

  1. If the main goal is to stand out then yes, YouTube and podcasts are great mediums for that. It’s hard to even stand out on those platforms. I think there is validity to all forms including blogging. It’s all preference and what your looking to gain from it I guess.

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