We are getting the news from everywhere… whether we seek it out or not!

When seeking out an article to write about for this weeks blog, “People are okay at remembering where they get news online” by Laura Hazard Owen, from Nieman Lab, caught my eye. Right under the headline before the article began she included the quote, “‘The online news experience is a mix of deliberateness and serendipity,’ a new report from Pew finds, noting that no one particular path to finding online news is dominant among users.” This instantly gave her article credibility by referencing a study by Pew Research and the findings.

Next, she began to go into the connection between news and social media. She made her point that no one news source is really outdoing the rest; people are getting their news and information from a wide variety of sources. The information that is being absorbed and spread among people is a mixture of what is exposed to them on a daily basis by several different sites and sources. Next, she included infographics and tables from Pew Research itself, backing up her ideas.  

I really enjoyed this article because it surprised me that people didn’t have their favorite or “go-to” websites for their news, it really is such a unique blend from so many different platforms and websites. While that was the most interesting part, her article also went in to analyze the challenges that news producers face due to this issue. At the end of the article she even included a link to the full study. To read more about this click here.


One thought on “We are getting the news from everywhere… whether we seek it out or not!

  1. I definitely agree with this article because there are so many different news sources that exist today. Therefore, that sense of loyalty that people felt towards specific sources doesn’t really exist anymore. I personally get my news from pretty much anywhere, so I do believe that this trend is real and that it is changing the world of news.


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