Nike’s HyperAdapt Limited-Edition Shoes

I am sure that by now you have at least heard, if not seen Nike’s limited-edition HyperAdapt self-lacing shoes. These shoes were extremely popular when they were released and the hype around them was that nobody who was lucky enough to receive a pair wanted to open them, as they were selling for $700 a shoe. Not only are these shoes a huge technological advancement, they also completely took over social media at the time of their release. As they were such a huge hit, obviously talk of how improvement could be made came along, which is the point of TechCrunch’s article.

This article is extremely interesting as it is a completely new technological creation and was limited-edition. The hype over this was all brought on to social media. Because the hype was all brought to social media, I believe that Nike brought along an important development to the social media world. For example, if a company comes up with another huge technological advancement, they could copy what Nike did. By hyping it up and only releasing a limited amount of a product, consumers are forced to share opinions over social media. As of today most teens use social media for interacting with their friends, however if more companies market their products this way the social media world could change.

For more information on Nike’s shoes, click here.


2 thoughts on “Nike’s HyperAdapt Limited-Edition Shoes

  1. I think one of the original ideas for self lacing shoes came from one of the Back to the Future movies. Nike is always one step ahead of the game and being conscious of social media and advertising is a big part of it.


  2. This is a pretty cool idea from Nike. I watched some videos relating to this topic and I was really amazed by this development. New creative ideas are coming from left and right. Unfortunately, this new development from Nike makes people lazy and it cost a lot of money.


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