A San Francisco Doctor Treats Children in Their Own Homes

Michelle Chien is a thirty year old doctor from San Francisco. She is a pediatrician for Heal, a health care company that provides in-home care. She has become the primary pediatrician for several children after seeing them on house calls.

Chien’s career choice arose from her childhood which was greatly impacted by her pediatrician. She believes there is a special bond between a pediatrician and their patient and she wanted to have a positive impact on people. She also wanted to “break the mold” and be the first in her family to study medicine.

On visits, Heal workers bring the standard equipment that a pediatrician’s office would have. Chien has found that children respond better to her in their own homes. Children tend to feel more comfortable this way, especially if a parent is around to make the experience less scary. Some pediatricians even bring toy doctor kits to entertain the kids while they are being examined.

Heal is providing an amazing service to families in the San Francisco and Santa Monica areas. Kids should not have to fear going to the doctor’s so I think it is great that people like Michelle Chien are willing to drive to the patient’s homes and make their appointments stress-free and enjoyable.


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