Now Hiring in Chandler, AZ.

Donald J. Trump promised the American people that he was going to bring organizations back from overseas and increase the number of jobs in the USA. This past Wednesday (2-8-17) he made a dent on that promise.

Intel, the largest computer chip manufacturer in the world, is about to invest 7 billion dollars in completing a factory in Chandler Arizona. The building of the plant will create 3,000 jobs. It will be one of three additional Intel facilities in the state.

The building has been under construction for many years now, so why the hurry to finish it now? Brian Kranich, Chief Executive of Intel, said: “… the recent tax and regulatory policies we see the administration pushing forward make it visible…”


(Donald J Trump, with intel Chief Executive Brian Kranich.)

Intel made this announcement in the Oval Office at the White House on Wednesday. Intel reached out to the White House weeks ago in hopes to make this statement with The President himself. Strange in itself though due to Intel being a silicon valley company. Many other companies, Intel included, opposed of Trump holding office. You can see by By Intel canceling a fundraising event for the President after releasing the executive order for the ban on immigration of refugees in particular Muslim nations.

Furthermore, the White House was happy to have Intel make their announcement in the Oval Office. Trump responded with “The people of Arizona will be very happy. It’s a lot of jobs.”

To learn more about this particular topic, head over to The New York Times



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