Managing abuse on Twitter


The internet is not the most kind place in the world, there are people who enjoy taking out their frustrations and anger from their own life and transposing it onto a place like Twitter. Twitter acknowledges this fact and explains three ways it will manage abusive tweets and users.

The first thing on the list that this social media titan plans preventing users who have previously been banned from coming back onto the platform under a new username. Twitter isn’t saying how, exactly, but it’s a step in the right direction. I’m sure the trolls will find their way around this one but we can be hopeful.

Another thing Twitter plans to do is “implement a safe search filter, turned on by default. Both potentially sensitive tweets and tweets from blocked or muted accounts will be hidden from search results, but you have the option to opt out of either of those filters.”

Last, Twitter plans to break down “abusive and low-quality” replies so they don’t take up space for more deserved tweets. You’ll still be able to access them by tapping on a “show less relevant replies” button. Twitter says that it is using a machine that will be able to tell certain red flags like if a negative comment comes from a newly created user with zero followers, the comment will be hidden.

There is no specific timeline for these changes and Twitter is still working out the bugs on this new machine but we will see development in “days and weeks ahead.”


4 thoughts on “Managing abuse on Twitter

  1. I think this is a great idea. Twitter can get very nasty sometimes so hopefully with these new features it will limit the amount of negativity and hate.


  2. This is a great idea! Strange to think that if one person was banned, they can’t come back. They could’ve been young and not mature enough to understand what they did. Also, its a far stretch to compare but look at prisoners. Most of them are given a chance to comeback after a time away. Maybe we don’t need a ban, but just some time away, like a sentencing.


  3. This might heal what the CEO said about abusive and cyberbullying tweets. (He literally said that users should just delete their account and forget about it.) It will defiantly change how people react to mean tweets and everything.


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