Ways to Lifestream the Super Bowl without cable

How to Live Stream Super Bowl 51 on Any Device, Even If You Don’t Have Cable

This idea is becoming so much more widespread as we see our lives turn to almost completely handheld. With so much at our fingertips through the internet, social media, and other streaming cites that there are a lot of people who don’t even pay for cable anymore. Instead they pay for Hulu, or Netflix, or whatever it may be to get any sort of program they would like.

You can also take any gaming console and stream it off of that, and as the video game industry grows bigger and bigger that option is becoming more and more attractive to a large population. Kids all over the world play Xbox and Playstation, and as long as you have an internet connection then you have the ability to watch the Super Bowl without having to pay for cable.

Taking all of that into consideration, I think we’re headed in a very negative direction for television companies and moreover for specific programs and networks. You’re taking away thousands of viewers from these stations which immediately takes money away from them. Now, on the flip side of the coin this is a huge bonus for the viewers. Not having to pay for cable and being able to watch or stream whatever you want for a minuscule percentage of what it would cost total.


One thought on “Ways to Lifestream the Super Bowl without cable

  1. That’s great that there is an alternative to watching the game on laptops and mobile devices. I deliver pizzas and would like to find ways to listen to the game rather than AM radio and such things.


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