“Snapchat unveils New York stock market filing”

Snap Inc. announced that they are going to become public and expand their company in the UK. Going public means that the company will become a part of the New York Stock Exchange. Since there are 150 million users on the app, it could tremendously help with the company by customers being more involved with the financial part of the app. Expanding and building the company can cause more users to use the app. The company itself can expand and make more products for even more users. It can create more jobs for people in America and the UK.

The expansion can influence more people to because media managers or anything in the technology world. The success of any company can influence people to want to get a job there. So with that being said, Snapchat can become even bigger when more people become interested in working with a successful company.




3 thoughts on ““Snapchat unveils New York stock market filing”

  1. I think this is a really interesting story because it shows the continuous growth and success of a popular social media platform. This article shows that not only is spreading Snap Chat to different regions a great financial move for the company but also allows more people to come in contact with the app itself and more people are able to join add to it.


  2. Not only they can reach to more people, but they can also work on more than the app and their new spectacles. For frequent Snapchat users, they could expect new ideas coming from the company itself. Shareholders who own a significant portion of the company should be able contribute to how the company will go from here. Nice post and article.


  3. It seems like Snapchat’s growth is directly related to the downfall of Vine. Its amazing how quickly Snapchat has grown compare to the growth of Facebook and Twitter. Great article!


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