Protests Arise Against “A Dog’s Purpose”

“A Dog’s Purpose” has entered some recent controversy after a behind-the-scenes video was exposed, showing a visually terrified German Shepard being forced to swim in the water. After this video went viral, people became outraged and vowed to boycott the film. Universal Pictures canceled the film’s red carpet premiere, but for PETA, that wasn’t enough. PETA organized protests to battle the means by which this film was created. The creators dismissed the clip, claiming that there was editing done to make the video seem more torturous than it actually was. Nevertheless, an investigation is still underway, ensuring that if there was any form of animal cruelty in the production of this film, there would be consequences.

The fact that Universal suddenly canceled the red carpet premiere of the movie makes it seem a bit suspicious. It’s also difficult to know how much editing could have possibly gone into the video, considering that the quality of the video was quite raw.

Regardless of the severity. Any animals used in films need to be advocated for by organizations like PETA because they are unable to advocate for themselves during production. Universal and the creators of “A Dog’s Purpose” should be punished appropriately for their poor treatment of animals and their lack of sympathy for the animal’s needs.

For more information on the protests, click here:



2 thoughts on “Protests Arise Against “A Dog’s Purpose”

  1. I was planning to see this before I read this. It’s amazing to see how much information we can find out about things these days. If this took place 20 years ago, I doubt all this news would blow up like it is today


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