Amazon is Pushing to Become on Top

Amazon’s new technology called Alexa has taken America by storm. It is similar to other technology devices created by Apple and Google. As of today, Amazon’s Echo which uses Alexa technology could be more beneficial not only in the house but in other places like a car. Ford Motor Company is looking to adopt this brand new technology into their cars. Of course Amazon would to love work with this company but what is their main reason.

As I mentioned before, Amazon’s new product Echo which uses Alexa technology is being sought at by Ford Motor Company. The reason why Ford Motor Company is interested in doing this is because it would allow their drivers to do other tasks while driving and also the ability to shop would interest the driver in the car. This wouldn’t be the first time a voice activated technology would be installed into a car. Currently, Apple and Google have voice program technology products and they are designed to give directions to the driver when he or she need help getting to a specific designation. Due to this, you can understand why Amazon is looking to partner with Ford Motor Company. Amazon is tired of being at the bottom when competing with Apple and Google and now  Amazon believes it has the best chance to get to the top with their new product.

In conclusion, Amazon’s new product Echo which uses Alexa technology will soon be download in cars that are owned by Ford Motor Company. This future partnership will benefit both sides. Ford Motor Company will draw more people closer to buying one of their cars while Amazon will look to finish on top against Apple and Google. Who would have thought this could be possible?

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3 thoughts on “Amazon is Pushing to Become on Top

  1. It’s an interesting and innovative idea of having these technologies Amazon, Apple and Google are coming out with. As most things there are the good and the bad. I can see there being some potential hacking going on. Especially when they come out with the self driving car!


  2. I think Amazon is taking notes from companies like Google here. Google is still trying to diversify themselves, like creating home thermostats for example. I think this can be related to Amazon partnering with Ford as it will make Amazon more diverse across different markets


  3. I think using a new technology in cars can definatly bring more interested customers into the business. Also it can improve products because it can access multipule different apps and music making even more companies known and successful.


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