Social Networks Must Face Up to Their Political Impact

In this article Clive Thompson lays out the history of social media and how even during the early years of its development there were people thinking that this particular idea might not be that good of an idea after all.

As people like Marshall McLuhan during the 1960’s had the foresight to look down the line at how this whole social media thing might run out, he saw conflicts with people of the world we live in having, “too much contact with one another.”  This, of course has come to pass and the fearful and angry people are now able to rebuttal to people’s comments anytime, anywhere, at their whim they can leave disheartening and vicious comments that can leave the poster agonizing over what they thought was an innocent post about their commander and chief, boss, or mayor of their own city.

The people who can cause these kinds for hurtful feelings are called trolls and it seems their whole purpose in life is to make the poster feel terrible about themselves because of what they posted.  I hoping by posting this blog that if anyone chooses to post anything just know that there will be people out there who may not agree with what you have to say but just keep what you believe in close to your breasts and don’t let the big dumb trolls get ya down!


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