App That Brings Play-Doh Creations to Life? 

We all have those days where we think to ourselves, “I would give anything to be a kid again” and today is definitely one of those days. Play-Doh has been around for years even though it is a very simple toy by modern standards. I know I’m not alone when I say I can remember the smell and taste of Play-Doh vividly. I used to play with this toy for hours at a time making animals and various food items with my family. The toy was completely up to the imagination of the child which is what made it so unique, that is until now. 

The Hasbro company recently came out with their newest innovation of their trademark toy called Play-Doh Touch. Play-Doh is catching up with the modern world by sinking their toy with an app on the iPad. Through this app Hasbro has made an attempt to bring kids’ creations to life by allowing children to scan their creations and turn them into characters in the app. This type of app, which combines physical and digital play, has been attempted before by Disney Infinity and other companies but none have succeeded.  

According to those who have tried the app, this one doesn’t do the trick either. The idea sounds amazing on paper but once executed it failed to capture attention for more than a few minutes. The main flaw is the fact that children nowadays have so many apps at their fingertips that a simple app such as this fails to keep them entertained due to the fact that it doesn’t involve skilled game play. 

I, on the other hand, being a child of the 90s would love to play with this game. Unfortunately though, the game set costs $40 and I have the funds of a broke college student so I guess this child will stick to her good old fashioned Play-Doh tub. 


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