Alexa the Messenger

Alexa, Amazon’s AI assistant, is constantly adding new skills to “her” system. For those who aren’t familiar with this device, Alexa is a smart speaker system that uses voice control in order to listen to your demands such as “Alexa, play this song” or “Alexa, who is the president of the United States?” She is used as a portable Google account!

Starting on November 19th, Alexa will be able to act as your own personal texting assistant. With what is known to be the “send message” skill, Alexa can listen to your wish of sending a text to a specific contact. This way you can multitask while talking with your friends! Wash the dishes, do your laundry, cook dinner, and also be able to text? Sounds good to me!

The catch? You can only program up to ten contacts in the system for Alexa to recognize with your voice. I think that this is going to be an awesome update to the system and from my experience of using my friend’s Alexa, she is very entertaining and gets the job done!



Alexa will soon be able to send text messages through AT&T


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