Social Media and the benefits of the election

Ever since social media has existed people have become not just more aware about things going on, but also an easier platform for anyone to post their opinion. Just in the past few weeks we as a country have dealt with many big changes and have had one of the biggest elections out country has ever had between two popular candidates… Donald Trump VS. Hillary Clinton. The number of people who have posted something about the election has skyrocketed with over 1.13 billion users posting to Facebook. One of the most famous tweets and hashtags that were used throughout the campaigns were Hillary Clinton’s famous #DeleteYourAccount and how that reached millions of users in minutes and how big of an effect that has on our country.

More and more people are starting to receive information through social media. Look at Twitter for example, we now have an entire page called “Moments” devoted to recent news that is trending in the United States. Social media is biggest with millenniums and are typically the ones to be up to date on it.  In many cases, millenniums have most often had the lowest turnouts in elections, with only 46 percent showing up to vote in the 2012 election. However, in this most recent presidential election we found that roughly 31 percent of voters were Millennials because they are aware of what was going on with social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I think that the presidential electors this year were well aware of millenniums and how to get them involved through social media and the huge impact that it would help on the polls. It has become much easier for them to watch the lead up to the election wheater that be through the debates, which were live streamed through Twitter and not only only televisions where you pay a cable fee and also Twitter being able to post whatever you feel.



2 thoughts on “Social Media and the benefits of the election

  1. Social media is both a positive and negative attribute. The election has brought up a lot of negative commentary and fights over the Internet. I feel as though people tend to say whatever is in their head over social media because it’s behind a screen and they are able to express their thoughts and opinions.


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