How Election Day Affected Tech Companies

After election day this past Tuesday, the obvious winner was Donald Trump and the obvious loser was Hillary Clinton. The election, however, also affected tech companies. Some companies affected were the expected ones, like twitter and Facebook, but also a company called VoteCastr. VoteCastr claimed to be able to accurately predict the number of votes for each candidate in real time. While their were some bugs in the app, their name still got out and people were using there product.

On a larger scale, the election affected our beloved social media. As I’m sure we’ve all noticed, it was impossible to scroll through social media without seeing multiple posts about the election. Twitter, which has been experiencing financial troubles lately, provided a place to have real time conversations with the whole “twitterverse” about the election. Using the hashtag #ElectionNight, they started many conversations about the election. From late september to election day, over a billion tweets were sent out about the election.

While this is an obvious plus for twitter, social media will never be able to escape the trolls of the internet. Twitter and Facebook both had to deal with fake news being spread, as well as harassment and abuse while people argued. This is obviously a problem, but I believe that as a social media sight, that is to be expected. i would still walk away from election day with my head held high if i worked for one of these social media platforms.


date published: 11/9/16


2 thoughts on “How Election Day Affected Tech Companies

  1. It’s a cycle: something trends, people react to the trend, which causes a larger trend, which causes more people to pay attention. This isn’t new to social media, but social media allows it to happen more rapidly.


  2. The election had a major effect on social media. When I was scrolling through my social media sources all I seemed to see was tweets, posts, and statuses about the election. Some of the comments were positive, others and most, rude. Social media allowed people’s opinions on the election to be spread to many people.


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