Presidential campaign in 2016: Memes and joke videos

Many Americans seem to be holding their breath this November as we wait to see who will be the next president of the United States. Throughout this campaign there have been numerous television and internet memes and even videos that someone makes, which pick fun at Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. These sometimes end up going viral. If you think about  it, it seems ridiculous having user generated content shown on news stations and spread online of this matter.

trumpIt seems that the majority of election content is seen online. With the fast growing media world it is hard to keep the memes and joke videos to a minimum. These do seem a bit
inappropriate to create, considering these people are picking fun at the possible next leader of our country. The internet is basically letting the public run the entire campaign.

Throughout the campaign there has been continuous stories surfacing such as Hillary deleting emails 6ca, Trump harrassing women, Ken Bone at the second debate, and now, the support for Hillary from Beyoncé and Jay Z. No matter how many times each candidate denies allegations of a wrongdoing they always seem to resurface. The main cause of this being trolls on the internet trying to start more issues.

For anyone that has a Twitter in 2016 they can probably relate to the fact that people just won’t let anything go. The videos and memes don’t stop and will continue to surface after the election on whoever our next president will be. I’m sure most people would agree with me in saying that I can’t wait until the election is over.








3 thoughts on “Presidential campaign in 2016: Memes and joke videos

  1. I agree with your last statement 100% and can’t wait for this election to be over! It’s scary how jokes and memes on the internet can have an actual impact on how people view the candidates. I only hope that people are actually educating themselves before they vote instead of going off of what they see on social media.


  2. It amazes me that these memes are taken into consideration to be blasted over mainstream media for content to supply for the audience. It’s very sad to see that a meme has this power sometimes when they’re simply a joke.


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