Reading In Different Mediums

Mehmet Ozen


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Title: Why Self-Published Authors Need Libraries and Vice Versa

Publication: Media Shift

By: Terah Edun

Date: 11/3/16


Ever since the rise of Amazon, which shook the bookstore world and subsequently damaged the feeling that libraries would continue to be a viable resource for people, there has been this notion that this would damage the sales of books and hurt individuals who self-publish their books. This is because, since e-books would become the center of the reading universe, only major publishers could advertise their books to the masses. The horror story that we are reaching the dawn of the age of books has continued to play out, but has not actually happened. People are still reading, just in different mediums.

This article discusses this general concept, and further goes to say that e-books in circulation a public libraries is in the “hundreds of thousands” and is growing. Since it is much cheaper to self-publish an e-book that it is to print one, we actually have even more books being released now. It is a mini renaissance for the literature community. This is something that self-publishers have taken note of, because, as the article notes, libraries are massive markets.

I agree with the premise of this article, as it is true, in my opinion, that nobody ever really stopped going to libraries. Sure, bookstores closed, but that’s because bookstores went mobile. So did the customers. The market for literature never shrunk, and it has a lot of opportunity for self-publishers. Both parties ultimately need each other to succeed, and that is what has happened. Technology and social media have made only improvements to our access of material and marketing abilities.


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