More Stops For More Electric Cars

The Obama Administration has unveiled 55 new highway stretches in 85,000 miles that locate places for people who drive electric cars to stop and charge their cars or put compressed natural gas in their tanks. The map is designed so people who drive environmentally friendly cars can see where to stop on a road trip — something that is difficult to do in an electric car.


The main problem with trying to drive an electric car across the states is that there are not enough locations for people to charge electric cars. There are about 153,000 gas stations in the United States, but there are only about 16,000 public charging stations and 6,000 stations for natural gas, hydrogen, and biodiesel.

There will also be blue road signs that will be put along routes to show there is an alternative fuel location coming up while driving. This is pushing cleaner driving and it is also making it easier for people who already drive clean to find what they need while on a long highway trip.

Source: Mashable


2 thoughts on “More Stops For More Electric Cars

  1. This is a really great initiative to assist in such a growing industry. Owners of electric cars have to be very excited about this knowing that they do not have to chance there road trips in regards to where they can re-chrage or fill up.


  2. I love that the Obama administration took this initiative. Electric cars are slowly increasing among Americans, and adding more stops for people with those cars is very considerate and supportive of these environment-friendly vehicles. I think it makes sense as to why these locations might be hard to find because the majority of people still drive cars fueled by regular gasoline. I hope to purchase one someday! Nice article and post.


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