Why the Surprise Over Vine?

As anyone with an internet connection is aware of by now, Twitter has ended its video sharing site, Vine. News outlets are reacting in different ways. NBC is taking a look at what “Vine Stars” will do now; CNN is speculating if this is the death knell for Twitter itself.

There have been two reactions by the public to this decision:

  1. Social Media addicts are outraged over their beloved platform’s brutal murder.

  2. Ant-viners, from Luddites to those who simply don’t like it, are saying good riddance.

Many in both these camps are united in one thing – surprise. Should we, in 2016, still be surprised by the sinking of an “unsinkable” ship? CNN points out that other companies offer a better version of the same service. An earlier blog post discusses this in greater detail.

At the end of the day, Twitter is just a company. If a car company can’t make cars people will buy, it goes out of business. Ford doesn’t make Model Ts and Pintos anymore; it evolved and changed with the times. If a clothing company stopped making fashionable clothing, would anyone bat an eye when it closed? Social media companies are still companies, and like all companies, they must evolve; after all capitalism, like life, is survival of the fittest.


3 thoughts on “Why the Surprise Over Vine?

  1. I always enjoy the oppurtunity to remind people of Tout which was a service that predated vine, but offered roughly the same service except in 10 seconds rather than 6. As a former youtube content creator, my views on tout were pushed towards vine. These were to youtube what twitter was to facebook. Perhaps this is a sign that our collective internet attention spans are increasing and these ultra quick limited blogging and vlogging platforms will die out.


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